New Hope V RR


The New Hope Valley Railroad - Bonsal station.

New Hope Valley RR Info

A GE 65ton diesel electric.

NHV RR Power Roster

No. 75 on loan to the NHVRR and No. 17 bring the train home.

Both engines are products of the Vulcan Iron Works in Wilkes-Barre, PA. They produced many of the 0-4-0 types. No. 75 burns coal while No. 17 is oil fired. The market for these small engines was mainly heavy industry, electric utilities and the military.

No. 17 info.

No. 75 Info.

No. 75 additional info.

Pulling no tender, the water was carried in the saddle tanks over the boiler with a capacity of about 1200 gallons.

Top off the water tank after each run.

Here's what it's all about!

The high railer maintenance vehicle.

The steam powered air compressor. The compressed air is used by the train's brakes.

Coal for No. 75.

This Whitcomb 45 ton diesel is the fire train. It follows the steam train with a water tank and the firemen will extinguish any fires along the road.

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